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We have a 10 year history as an established mail order supplier of health products. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing superior health and healing products, we have introduced Yahoo e-commerce and Paypal into our websites so as to better serve you and your needs. Credit card details are fully secure within this program.

Prices are Displayed in Australian and US Dollars (USD) but Yahoo Shopping Cart will display Australian Dollars (AUD).
All purchases in AUD can be converted to obtain approx. equivalent in USD. 1$AUD = $0.75 US cents.AUD x .75 to determine equivalent currency (exchange rate September 2006) $100 = $75 USD

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How do I order items on this site?
Just click on the add to cart, you can either leave the item in your cart and keep shopping, or proceed to the checkout. Try it out if you like, as long as you don't enter the checkout or enter any credit card or personal details in the ordering section. Details are only forwarded to bevanpotter.com after you have entered the checkout area and completed the transaction.

I've never used a credit card over the internet, how does it work?
Very similar to other methods you've probably used, like touch-tone-phone transaction such as paying the phone bill, or giving your number over the phone. The retailer processes the card details through his bank and your goods are dispatched.

I'd like to buy the goods, but I don't have a credit card.
You can always complete the order, by entering your personal information, without credit card details (a further step) and print out the completed order and post to us along with your cheque or money order.
See printable order form

Postal Orders or Cheques (payable in Australia) should be sent to:
Centreforce Australia Pty Ltd
PO box 227, Gin Gin, QLD, 4671, Australia.
Bank Transfers to: Centreforce Australia Pty Ltd,
BSB: 084571 Acc No: 486645676
(NB prices are in US$) If you are unsure, please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax to confirm ordering details and freight charges.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any other information you might require or ideas you want to share with us and other health conscious folk around the world.

Bevan Potter, PO Box 227, Gin Gin Qld 4671 Australia
Phone 0741574262----International calls 61741574262